The 2022 National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters (NABOB) & Power of Urban Radio (PUR) Awards took place Thursday, October 20, 2022 at the MGM National Harbor Resort & Casino, located just outside of Washington, D.C.

The NABOB & Power of Urban Radio Awards recognize exemplary achievement in advertising and marketing to the Black consumer market by utilizing Black-owned media.

Recipients of the NABOB & Power of Urban Radio Awards are selected based on their public service and their support of diversity and inclusion. The awards recognition includes the presentation of the NABOB National Service Award and the Mickey Leland Public Service Award. Previous honorees include Attorney General Eric Holder, award winning journalist, April Ryan, civil rights activist and comedian Dick Gregory, Edna Kane-Williams of AARP, Alva Adams-Mason of Toyota, and Congressman G.K. Butterfield to name a few.

Continue reading for highlights and statements from the 2022 honorees!

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[title text=”Jim Winston, NABOB President & CEO, Celebrates 40 Years of Service” tag_name=”h4″ size=”161″]

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Join The National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters (NABOB) in celebrating the legendary and pioneering career of NABOB President & CEO Jim Winston!

For 40 years, Jim Winston has served The National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters (NABOB). Jim became the organization’s executive director and general counsel in 1982, one year after becoming a founding Partner at Law Firm Rubin, Winston, Diercks, Harris & Cooke, L.L.P. where he specializes in the representation of broadcast radio and television stations, and other clients in the telecommunications industry. He became President/CEO of NABOB in 2014.

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career as the Voice of Black Owned Broadcasters!


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[title text=”Marc Pritchard Awarded Inaugural NABOB & Power of Urban Radio Corporate Impact Award and Advocates for Industry to Accelerate Investment in Black-owned Media” tag_name=”h4″ size=”147″]

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Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer at Procter & Gamble manages the advertising budget for the world’s largest advertiser and continues to be a devoted champion and advocate for Black-owned media.

Pritchard delivered an insightful and riveting keynote address, “Seven Habits For Market Growth”, an overview of Procter & Gamble’s research, strategy, and approach to drive market growth by serving the Black community and expanding the Black-owned and operated media market.

Pritchard stated, “Today, I’d like to talk about market growth – which we believe is the most significant opportunity for the industry, for companies like P&G, for our brands and the consumers we serve, for Black owned and operated media companies collectively and for Black creators individually — all leading to greater economic sustainability and opportunity for the Black community.”

Pritchard identified the multicultural market as the biggest opportunity for market growth in the United States with buying power worth more than $5 trillion. Additionally, Pritchard acknowledged that growing the market that serves the Black community is the largest opportunity within the multicultural market.

“It’s time to establish the habit of reaching 80 to 90% of Black consumers – 52 weeks a year. And this is an opportunity for Black-owned and operated media companies to be the FIRST place brands go to reach Black consumers.”

While noting the need for an universal industry mindset shift and calling for more inclusive research practices, Pritchard also raised the alarm for brands to create more accurate marketing campaigns and to increase resonance in media programming reflective of the audiences with which they seek to connect.

Pritchard concluded the keynote address with the final habit for market growth and detailed P&G’s commitments to support Black-owned media.

“Seventh habit – Accelerate Investment in Black-owned and operated media to grow the market. To help, P&G intends to be the number one spender in Black-owned media, and to take steps to significantly expand the ecosystem. In two years, we’ve doubled our spending and we intend to double again; then double again. And we want the market to keep growing and expanding, which is why we are committed to making these interventions with NABOB.”

Sherman Kizart, Managing Partner at Kizart Media Partners and Master of Ceremonies announced the creation of the NABOB & Power of Urban Radio Marc Pritchard Corporate Impact Award.

“Sherman Kizart, Jim Winston and the entire NABOB community are important and valued partners in accelerating investment in Black-owned and operated Media. It is an honor to receive the NABOB Corporate Impact Award and the depth of my gratitude cannot be measured. But the credit goes to the people of P&G, our partners, and the entire NABOB community for stepping up to make systemic change to expand the Black-owned and operated media industry for sustained growth and value creation. The progress we’ve made is because of you and I look forward to being part of the continuing journey to keep stepping forward for even greater change.”

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer at Procter & Gamble

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[title text=”Marla Kaplowitz: 2022 NABOB & PUR National Service Award Recipient” tag_name=”h4″ size=”161″]

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“I am truly honored to receive this award on behalf of the work we do at the 4A’s to support NABOB and ensure our community of agencies recognize the importance of supporting and investing with diverse suppliers. As part of the 4A’s Five-Point Media Commitment, we will continue to work with our members, collaborative partners like Sherman Kizart and the broader industry to identify opportunities for change and growth. This includes recent work partnering with the ANA and AIMM to create guidelines for both agencies and diverse suppliers to share best practices and approaches to accelerate investment for brands to expand reach and impact of diverse audiences. The 4A’s Foundation also recognizes the need to support Black talent in our industry – from entry level through mid-senior roles – via programs like MAIP (Multicultural Advertising Intern Program), Vanguard and Dear Black Talent. I look forward to continuing to lead and champion this important work to ensure the industry evolves and embraces new ways of reaching and engaging important diverse audiences.”

Marla Kaplowitz, 4A’s President and Chief Executive Officer

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[title text=”Congressman Bennie Thompson Honored with Mickey Leland Public Service Award” tag_name=”h4″ size=”161″]

“Thank you for the 2022 NABOB Mickey Leland Public Service Award. It was an honor to accept this award. It is the highest honor that can be awarded to a person, and I am filled with joy. To each of you that played a part in selecting me for this award, thank you. It represents not only my voice, but the millions of marginalized people who would not be heard across radio broadcasts and televisions. Again, thank you all so much and keep the faith.”

Congressman Bennie Thompson, Chairman, House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack


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[title text=”U.S. Army Awards HBCU Cadet $94,000 Scholarship!” tag_name=”h4″ size=”161″]

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Congratulations to U.S. Army Cadet Command scholarship recipient Cadet Sydnee Christian. Sydnee is an undergraduate at Howard University, majoring in Strategic, Legal, and Management Communication and was awarded $94,000 by Major General Antonio Munera.

Sydnee is a proud member of Howard University’s Army ROTC Bison Battalion and plans to graduate in May next year.

Upon graduation, Sydnee plans to commission as a Second Lieutenant and branch in Combat Arms. She also plans to attend law school in the future and then join the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, focusing on military justice and military law. Sydnee hopes to become the first attorney in her family.

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