The National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters (NABOB) and BIA Advisory Services have partnered to release the 2022 Black Owned Radio Stations Ownership & Revenue Report. This is the first time such a report has been available to provide marketers, agencies, policy makers, broadcasters and other industry leaders with a detailed analysis of Black Owned radio stations, including specific station revenue and audience metrics.

In 2020, many CEOs of America’s largest corporations responded to the civil unrest taking place throughout the nation with statements about working to promote diversity, equity and inclusion within their companies and in their outreach to the Black community and Black businesses. Jim Winston, NABOB President said, “One question that was asked when these new advertising and marketing commitments were made is: How many advertising dollars are currently being expended with Black Owned radio stations? This report answers that question, and the answer is very simple – too few.”

The report shows that, of the 168 stations researched for this report, 121 (72.0%) gross less than one million dollars per year in advertising revenues, and average just 2.8% of Local Commercial Share.

Winston added, “Black Owned stations have a unique connection with the communities they serve, and that connection can directly benefit advertisers. The financial information provided in this BIA report sharply illustrates the lack of financial support that Black Owned stations are receiving in comparison to their general market competitors. We at NABOB hope that the presentation of this information for the first time will inspire a concerted effort within the advertising industry to advertise on our NABOB member stations.”

Rick Ducey, Managing Director, BIA Advisory Services, stated “BIA is proud to team with NABOB to present the results of this inaugural study of radio stations owned by African Americans. As marketers and agencies continue to expand their commitments to reach and serve minority audiences, their interest in investing in minority owned stations has increased. However, prior to this report the industry did not have available an authoritative record of these stations, nor their economic standing. With this report, NABOB and BIA provide a benchmark study and data set that will facilitate targeted investment by radio advertisers seeking to reach the audiences served by these stations.”

To learn more about the significance of the 2022 Black Owned Radio Stations Ownership & Revenue Report, tune into BIA’s “Leading Local Insights” Podcast available on all major streaming platforms.

Download the 2022 Black Owned Radio Stations Ownership & Revenue Report HERE!

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