As part of his ongoing efforts to foster connections within the Black-owned media landscape, USBC President Ron Busby Sr. recently met with Chesley Maddox-Dorsey, the founder and CEO of A Wonder Media Company and American Urban Radio Networks (AURN), in New York City. This meeting marks a significant step in USBC’s mission to strengthen relationships with NABOB members and owners following the recent merger of NABOB and USBC.

AURN stands as the premier Nielsen-rated national audio network company, boasting the highest reach among African American audiences. With over 40 million weekly listeners across 6,000 affiliates, AURN delivers unique, compelling, and star-studded programming that celebrates the rich tapestry of African American culture. Through its 24/7 programming network, syndicated division, and two RADAR-rated networks, AURN offers a diverse array of over 40 weekly audio programs and services.

The meeting between Ron Busby Sr. and Chesley Maddox-Dorsey underscores the importance of collaboration and partnership within the Black-owned media ecosystem. As USBC continues its journey to empower and support Black-owned businesses and media enterprises nationwide, alliances with industry leaders like AURN are pivotal in driving collective success and amplifying diverse voices.

Chesley Maddox-Dorsey’s visionary leadership and AURN’s pioneering role in shaping the media landscape exemplify the creative energy and power of African American culture. Through this partnership, USBC aims to further its commitment to fostering growth, innovation, and representation within the media industry.

Learn more about the great work that Chesley is doing with ARUN at American Urban Radio Networks – Home (

As the tour of fostering connections continues, stay tuned for more updates on USBC’s journey to strengthen bonds with NABOB members and owners, driving positive change and progress within the media landscape.

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