June 1, 2021

With the Memorial Day weekend approaching, General Motors and dentsu team decided to extend the deadline for submitting a Request for Information (RFI) to GM’s Diverse Owned Media Program to Friday, June 4th, 9PM ET. Please fill out this form here.

The purpose of this RFI questionnaire is to better understand the capabilities of your company, your scale, your unique value proposition, and how those align to GM’s strategic objectives.

Based on your responses to the RFI, we will begin to identify your company’s core strengths that could best help GM meet its marketing goals. The companies that we identify through this process that are best suited to help with GM’s specific 2022 objectives, will be issued a formal Request for Proposal Media Brief in the coming months.

If you have any questions related to the RFI questionnaire or GM marketing opportunities, please reach out to:

Dentsu: for all National media-related questions as well as Cadillac regional questions.
Email: GMdiverseownedmediasummit@carat.com

Martin Retail Group: for all other local and regional media-related questions.
Email: LocalGMDOM@martinretail.com

We appreciate your participation!

Request for Information

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